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Deevy Bhimani

I’m a senior at UC Berkeley studying Data Science with a domain emphasis in Urban Science.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve worked at companies ranging from 3 to 800 people in roles including product management, growth, data analytics, customer success and more. Since I kept getting questions about product management, I've compiled some of my favorite resources.

I’m heavily involved in the startup ecosystem on campus. Most recently I ran Cal Hacks Fellowship, a startup accelerator for some of the best teams at our fall hackathon. You can read more about the teams and see the curriculum I prepared and taught. I also made a flowchart to help people navigate Cal's startup ecosystem.

In my free time I’m usually listening to podcasts, riding around on my motorcycle, playing tennis, and feeding my new Formula 1 obsession.

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Smooth Weekend Work The Knowledge Project
99% Invisible Planet Money Acquired


Drop me a line at deevy.bhimani@berkeley.edu.